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Easy 2290



For 2022-2023, you can begin pre-filing Form 2290!

This is the time of year again! It's time to fill out Form 2290. It's simple to file early with Easy2290, and you won't have to deal with the rush of everyone filing at once. If you submit your form early, your form will be one of the first to be accepted, allowing you to get your stamped Schedule 1 as quickly as possible. Easy2290 makes it easy to file Form 2290 ahead of time when you e-file with us!  

Form 2290 - What is it and why should you file it early?

If a vehicle weighs 55,000 pounds or more and is driven more than 5,000 miles per year, Form 2290 must be completed (or 7,500 miles if it is used for agricultural purposes).

Many people usually file their taxes around July 1st, although the IRS does not begin accepting Form 2290 until then. There is a chance that your Form 2290 will take longer to be processed by the IRS if you wait until then. It may take several days for your Schedule 1 to arrive. As soon as the IRS starts accepting returns, your return will be submitted to them by Easy 2290.Therefore, this will allow you to get your 2290 Schedule 1 before the rush of filing season begins. If you wish, you can also file now and pay later. Your tax payment doesn't have to be made until August 31 if you file now with Easy2290. It depends on the payment method that you select when you will be charged. There are a variety of payment methods available, such as checks, money orders, EFTPS, and credit or debit cards. Payments can be made upon the IRS's opening on July 1st. In order to pay for it, you have until August 31. Your money will be deducted if you choose electronic funds withdrawal as soon as the IRS receives the form.

What are the penalties for filing late?

You will be charged late penalties if you submit Form 2290 late. It is actually significantly more expensive to not file Form 2290 altogether than not paying the tax. As a result, it is imperative to file Form 2290 as soon as possible. Furthermore, you must pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax as soon as possible.

A penalty of 4.5% of the total tax payable will be applied for up to five months. This penalty is applied for each month the deadline is missed and Form 2290 is not submitted. There is an automatic penalty of 0.5% of the tax payable if you pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax insufficiently. Each month that Form 2290 is not submitted results in an additional interest penalty of 0.54%. For this reason, it's crucial to both file Form 2290 and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

What are the benefits of filing with Easy 2290?

Easy2290 makes filing easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. Easy 2290 allows you to file at any time, even if you missed the deadline. Just enter your business details, vehicle details, and payment information. In addition to your filing fee, you can also submit your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax directly through Easy 2290. Do you need more time to pay your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax? In order to settle the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax at your convenience, you can choose a check or money order from a third-party payment processor. Easy 2290 makes it easy for you to pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, no matter what method you choose. Why not get started today? Make Form 2290 filing easy and fast by filing with Easy2290!