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What are the benefits of filing Form 2290 with Easy2290?

We are one of the leading providers of Form 2290 e-filing. To file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, drivers of vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more must file Form 2290 annually with the IRS. Form 2290 can be filed in as little time as possible with Easy2290 because it is user-friendly and easy to use. 

The Easy2290 application permits business owners to fill out Form 2290 for themselves or their drivers quickly and conveniently. The filing process with Easy2290 can be made more efficient depending on how many trucks are being filed for and if they have already filed with Easy2290 or are new to it. 

Single vehicle

By clicking "Start New Return" and selecting "E-File for 1 Truck", Easy2290allows business owners to submit a return for one truck easily. Businesses with only one truck to file may find this option useful. It is imperative to remember that credit vehicles cannot be claimed under this option. Multiple vehicle filing options must be chosen if you want to file credit vehicles (vehicles that have been sold, destroyed, or stolen).

Multiple vehicles.

Users who are new

Users can submit multiple 2290 forms with Easy2290  hassle-free by registering multiple vehicles. The Easy Filing option allows you to apply for these vehicles without claiming any credit vehicles. You must enter their VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) when filing for these vehicles. Click on "Multiple Vehicles" under "Start New Return" if you need to claim any credit for vehicles. Multiple vehicles can be filed using this option, as well as credit for stolen, sold, or destroyed vehicles.

User returns

If you have submitted Form 2290 with Easy2290 for previous years and had the form accepted, users can utilize the Ready Return feature. This feature will create a return with all of the details and truck information from the previous return. This way, if you are filing for the same vehicle(s) you can just make sure the information is correct and then submit the form. Filing Form 2290 this way saves business owners time.

Get started with Easy2290 today!

With Easy2290, you can easily and stress-free file Form 2290. For one truck or multiple trucks, you can file Form 2290, whether you are a new or returning user. This process involves only a few steps. Your return will already be created and ready for you when you file again next time if this is your first time filing with Easy2290. There will be information from the previous year in this document. This feature saves you time by not having to enter all of your information again. By selecting the multiple-vehicle filing option, you can also claim any credit vehicle. Are you interested in saving some time when you file Form 2290? Are you ready to take action? We make filing Form 2290 quick and easy with Easy2290!