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What are the Advantages of Registering with Easy 2290?

What is Form 2290?
Drivers of vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more are required to file IRS Form 2290 for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Form 2290 is also referred to as Heavy Vehicle Used Tax or HVUT, Truck Tax, and Highway Vehicle Tax. The 2290 Form is due annually between July 1 and August 31. 

Why is Form 2290 Important?
When operating a vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more, submitting Form 2290 is critical since it ensures that the driver receives a Stamped Schedule 1. This Stamped Schedule 1 is crucial because it is necessary when obtaining vehicle registration and tags.  Vehicles operated for 5,000 miles or fewer must file a return but are exempt from paying the tax.

Who Needs a Copy of the Stamped Schedule 1?
The Form 2290 Schedule 1 paid receipt becomes your proof of tax payment for the vehicles listed. This proof of payment is required before you can register vehicles with a state's motor vehicle office.

A driver should carry their Stamped Schedule 1 in their truck in case they are pulled over. It is also critical that the carriers and associations for which drivers drive obtain a copy of the Stamped Schedule 1. These carriers and associations usually request for copies of the Stamped Schedule 1s for their records.

How will Easy2290 benefit carriers and associations?
Easy 2290 provides a unique benefit to carriers and groups who become Easy 2290 partners. Easy 2290 provides a useful option for carriers and trucking groups that can cooperate with Easy 2290. Every affiliate who chooses to work with Easy 2290 receives its own Form 2290 filing portal where drivers can file. Furthermore, following filing, the Stamped Schedule 1 will be instantly sent to the driver's carrier or association.

The best thing is that those who collaborate with Easy 2290 and open one of these portals will be absolutely free, and the site will contain the carrier or association's emblem. If a partner does not want a portal, they can sign up for a backslash site, which is a link that drivers can use to file Form 2290 via Easy 2290.

Each carrier or association that partners with Easy 2290  will be included in a list from which drivers can choose their carrier or association when filling their Form 2290. Following the acceptance of Form 2290, the driver's Stamped Schedule 1 will be sent immediately to the carrier or association.

Become a Partner Today!
There are numerous advantages to carriers and groups cooperating with Easy 2290 . It benefits both carriers and associations, as well as the drivers who work for them. By giving drivers a specific location to submit, it will ensure that all Schedule 1 are received in order to avoid fines.

What are you waiting for?
Easy 2290 makes filing IRS Form 2290 easier than ever. Check out our e-filing fees for any Vehicles here. Partner with Easy 2290  and file your Form 2290 today!