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Vehicles bought privately and Form 2290

Privately owned vehicles: what are they?

In the case of a privately purchased vehicle, it has been purchased from a private seller. This is not from a dealership, an auto auction, or leased from a leasing company or a carrier.

Vehicles bought privately and Form 2290

Owning a private vehicle

The Heavy Vehicle Use tax must be filed for a vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more if you purchase it. Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for the vehicle for the month of the sale will not include the tax for the month of the sale. This is because the First Use Month is during that month. Consequently, Form 2290 will not need to be filed by the deadline. 

Whenever a vehicle is used for the first time, it is referred to as the First Used Month. Payment of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is due by the end of the following month. Taxes paid on privately owned vehicles will not include the First Used Month, so the same rules apply. In the case of a light vehicle purchased in January that is operated by you before the end of February, your heavy vehicle use tax will not include January's tax.

Vehicles for sale by private owners

When you submit Form 2290 for a different vehicle, you will receive a credit for the privately owned vehicle you sold. It is recommended that you file Form 8849 if you do not plan to file Form 2290 for another vehicle. To get a refund for the remaining months that you did not own the vehicle in the tax year, you need to provide all of the details of the sale. 

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With Easy 2290, you can easily file Form 2290 or Form 8849, regardless of whether you're purchasing or selling a vehicle. The information you need is just your business name, your vehicle information, and any credit vehicles you are claiming, if any. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax can be paid via several convenient methods with Easy 2290. Is there anything holding you back? For the most user-friendly experience, use Easy 2290 to file Form 2290 and Form 8849.