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The $6.95 price includes what services and features?

The e-filing cost for Form 2290 at Easy2290.com is $6.95, which includes a number of services and features. This is the lowest price offered by an IRS Authorized e-File Provider, and their customer support is second to none. The IRS has asked us to create a streamlined e-filing process that is affordable and provides all of the services and features that you will need to transmit Form 2290 to the IRS. We have worked closely with drivers, owners/operators, trucking associations, and trucking companies to create this streamlined process.

Is the price inclusive of everything?

Form 2290 can be submitted electronically
  • With Easy2290.com, you can file your truck taxes online quickly and efficiently. It's as simple as creating an account, selecting the form you need and filling out the truck information and payment information. In addition to providing three payment options, we calculate the tax amount that you owe for you. As soon as the IRS accepts your Form 2290 (which occurs shortly after transmitting it), you will receive a Stamped Schedule 1.
Scheduling 1 stamped
  • Form 2290 (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) is proof of payment on your Stamped Schedule 1. The IRS will send you a notification when your Form 2290 has been accepted, along with your Stamped Schedule 1. Your Stamped Schedule 1 can also be accessed in other ways. You can access a copy of this archive directly from the Dashboard page of your Easy2290 account. In addition to faxing it, emailing, and downloading it, you can also send it by email
This is the truck zone
  • All your vehicle information can be neatly organized in your TruckZone, regardless of the number of trucks you have. You simply enter or bulk upload truck numbers, VINs, gross weights, etc., by selecting the tab at the top of your account. By using this feature, you can easily find truck information, claim a credit for a sold truck, and e-file a new replacement truck.
Notification via email
  • Upon receiving IRS approval for your Form 2290, we will email you a notificationYour Stamped Schedule 1 will be emailed to you. Our system automatically sends you an email notification if your Form 2290 is rejected, so you can pinpoint the exact reason and fix the problem. Resubmitting your return to the IRS is free of charge if your return is rejected. It is important to make sure you select the right tax year (the current tax year is 2014-2015), as this is one error that will require you to contact the IRS.
File archiving for Form 2290
  • Your Stamped Schedule 1 will include a complete Form 2290. Furthermore, your Dashboard page provides access to any form you have filed through Easy2290. You will always have a copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 if you ever lose it, or if you ever need to retrieve it for records (or an audit).
Correction of VIN
  • There can be some confusion when it comes to VIN numbers if you have driven more than one truck in your career. If the VIN is entered incorrectly, you can fix it super easily, and it's completely free. Your VIN can be corrected quickly and retransmitted to the IRS in just a few minutes. Your email address registered with the account will receive an updated Stamped Schedule 1.
Vehicle credits for sold, destroyed, and stolen vehicles
  • A vehicle that was sold and another that was purchased can be claimed as a credit when filing one 2290 return for each vehicle. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax owed on the new truck will be automatically deducted from the credit from your sold truck.
Support Services
  • Our customer support team is ready and waiting if you need assistance with any part of the e-filing process for Form 2290. English and Spanish are the languages we support. Problems can be solved in any way. Our support team is available to assist you via phone 571-281-3014 and by email : support@easy2290.com.