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When choosing a provider for your e-files, consider these factors

When selecting an E-File Provider, there are numerous factors to take into account. These include cost, convenience, user-friendliness, and the crucial question of whether they hold IRS authorization.

At Easy2290, we provide exceptional value for HVUT E-Filing, catering to companies of all sizes. Whether you're a single-owner trucking business or a large corporation with multiple fleets, we offer pricing and packages that can accommodate any company, regardless of their circumstances. Additionally, tax professionals can benefit from significant price reductions and exclusive packages designed specifically for their clients.

Our efficient and user-friendly platform is equally capable and adaptable, conducting a complimentary internal examination of tax data to verify mistakes prior to submitting the return to the IRS.

Easy2290.com is a recognized provider for IRS E-Filing. Our offerings consist of:

Single Tap Sign-in

No necessity to generate a profile. Simply sign in using Facebook or Google to initiate the procedure within moments.

Intuitive Application

Relevant assistance and visual tutorials with lucid directives manifest at every step. Every effort has been made to simplify tax procedures.

Live Alerts

Receive updates regarding the progress of a tax refund via emails, SMS, and even fax! The Schedule 1 can be automatically sent via email or fax to a trucking or leasing corporation.

Batch Import

Companies that have more than 25 trucks must electronically submit Form 2290 to the IRS. Instead of manually entering each truck individually, the entire fleet can be imported using a spreadsheet.

Speedy Rebates

When submitting Form 2290, the system can automatically detect any eligible credits and assist taxpayers in promptly filing Form 8849, enabling them to receive their refunds from the IRS more quickly. If the tax credits exceed the amount of tax owed, an IRS Form 8849 will be generated automatically.

Officially Stamped Schedule 1

The tax processing is incredibly efficient, resulting in the receipt of an officially stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS within a matter of minutes.

VIN Corrections at No Cost

In the event of any errors during the input of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can opt for a VIN Correction, and resubmit your return without any charges until it is accepted by the IRS. Recommendations and Endorsements.

Easy2290 maintains strong connections with the trucking sector. They are exclusively recommended and endorsed by multiple prominent trucking and state associations. Through these partnerships, Easy2290 is able to provide education and ongoing assistance to individuals within the trucking industry.

There is truly no superior combination of budget-friendly rates and expertise in this field. For further details or to begin today, please visit Easy2290.com or reach out to us Truck Tax Experts in Fairfax, VA at 571-281-3014 or via email at support@easy2290.com. We also offer Spanish Support!